in rotation

  • Cathay Shrug
    Pattern:Shrug from DB Cathay
    Yarn: Patons Brilliant - brown
    Started:16 March 06
    25% -- back done
  • Quattro Shell
    Pattern:Austermann Quattro Shell from Elann
    Yarn: Austermann Quattro - red
    Started:31 March 06
    1% -- frogged & restarted
  • Rebecca 29 Wrap Cardi
    Pattern:Wrap Cardi w/Eyelets from Rebecca 29
    Yarn: Katia Ingenua - 23 Purple
    Started:10 Mar 06
    40% -- back, left front completed
  • Kitty Shell
    Pattern:Cat's Meow Shell
    Yarn: S.R. Kertzer Kitty
    Started:Jan 06
    85% -- back done, front up to armholes
  • Turtleneck Shrug
    Pattern:Turtleneck Shrug from Loop-D-Loop
    Yarn: Caron Simply Soft
    Started:18 Nov 05
    12% -- 9" done
  • Casual Cables Sweater
    Pattern:Casual Cables - Pattern #12 from Textured Knits
    Yarn: LB Woolease - Navy
    Started:12 Nov 05
    30% -- 1 sleeve done, front started
  • Baby Romper
    Pattern: Lion Brand Baby Rugby Romper
    Yarn: Lion Brand Babysoft - baby blue
    Started:03 Nov 05
    40% -- right side completed
  • Lipstick Cardi
    Pattern: Sirdar #5043
    Yarn: Sirdar Silky Look - lipstick
    Started:22 Feb 05
    75% -- back, fronts, 1 sleeve completed;
    Not happy with it. Will be frogged and return again in another incarnation.
  • Onde Ribbed Pullover
    Phildar Famille 04
    Yarn: Phildar Onde - vulcan/capucine
    Started:27 June 04
    85% done - back, both sleeves completed, front started
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I haven't ordered any of their yarns yet either, but I have been wondering about them as well. If you want soft, non-scratchy and affordable, merino is your best bet. I have found that it doesn't hold its shape as well as some of the scratchier wool yarns, but it feels great. I tried a merino superwash before and it pilled badly and was a bit shapeless after wearing a while (but I heard 1824 doesnt have that problem - it may have just been the brand I used).


Haven't ordered any either, and am also not good at wearing wool. (I love cotton, being in TX.) I do want to try those cashmere blends though. Let us know how they are if you get any!


I just ordered some Merino Style. I am hoping it lives up to my expectations. I also ordered a bunch of color cards just in case it does!

I have used the Shine and I really like the way it knits and wears, so hopefully the wool is just as nice.


I can honestly say you won't be disappointed with any of Knitpicks yarns. Even their Wool of the Andes is soft. I also am one that is concerned with scratchiness and was pleasantly surprised with their product. Go ahead, you'll be glad you did!!!!!

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