in rotation

  • Cathay Shrug
    Pattern:Shrug from DB Cathay
    Yarn: Patons Brilliant - brown
    Started:16 March 06
    25% -- back done
  • Quattro Shell
    Pattern:Austermann Quattro Shell from Elann
    Yarn: Austermann Quattro - red
    Started:31 March 06
    1% -- frogged & restarted
  • Rebecca 29 Wrap Cardi
    Pattern:Wrap Cardi w/Eyelets from Rebecca 29
    Yarn: Katia Ingenua - 23 Purple
    Started:10 Mar 06
    40% -- back, left front completed
  • Kitty Shell
    Pattern:Cat's Meow Shell
    Yarn: S.R. Kertzer Kitty
    Started:Jan 06
    85% -- back done, front up to armholes
  • Turtleneck Shrug
    Pattern:Turtleneck Shrug from Loop-D-Loop
    Yarn: Caron Simply Soft
    Started:18 Nov 05
    12% -- 9" done
  • Casual Cables Sweater
    Pattern:Casual Cables - Pattern #12 from Textured Knits
    Yarn: LB Woolease - Navy
    Started:12 Nov 05
    30% -- 1 sleeve done, front started
  • Baby Romper
    Pattern: Lion Brand Baby Rugby Romper
    Yarn: Lion Brand Babysoft - baby blue
    Started:03 Nov 05
    40% -- right side completed
  • Lipstick Cardi
    Pattern: Sirdar #5043
    Yarn: Sirdar Silky Look - lipstick
    Started:22 Feb 05
    75% -- back, fronts, 1 sleeve completed;
    Not happy with it. Will be frogged and return again in another incarnation.
  • Onde Ribbed Pullover
    Phildar Famille 04
    Yarn: Phildar Onde - vulcan/capucine
    Started:27 June 04
    85% done - back, both sleeves completed, front started
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Regia is good - and I've used wool ease and been very happy with the nice thick socks. I'm a top down person because turning the heel the other way is way to scary for me although toe up makes more practical sense because you can keep going until you almost run out of yarn. And I'm a very plain no pattern in my socks at all kind of person.


I've made a pair with Koigu KPPM, and it's yummy. I made it from the top down using two circulars, and it went quickly (and no ladders).


i use the basic sock pattern from "the handy book of knitting patterns" -- it may look scary at first but a photocopy and a highlighter and everything is easy as pie. the pattern is basic and is set-up to adjust for any guage and any size sock. its top down.

i love koigu painters palette merino.


I love Lorna's Laces, but recently branched out and picked up some Scholler Stahl Limobo Mexiko; it is very warm and the colors are fantastic. I've also knitted with Mellenweit (not sure of the spelling) and it has held up very well under multiple washings. I use a pattern I picked up at the LYS by Melinda Goodfellow. The pattern is top down and gives multiple sizes from infant to adult men. Normally I use two circs, but I am attempting dpns.

Socks are addicting!


I love Cherry Tree Hill Supersock Merino. It feels like Koigu but is machine washable. I do use DPN's most of the time. Cuff-down is what I learned at first however am starting to venture in to toe-up. Happy Knitting! :)


OH! and I just noticed that this post is from last NOVEMBER! LoL Hope all is well.

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